I experienced a recent spike in crawl errors!

I experienced a recent spike in crawl errors. I think it could be coming from a plugin or some application but not sure what…

This site is also hooked up to cloud flare by a developer as well.

Are you able to help me to take a look and see what’s wrong?

Please send me a custom quote if you think you can solve the problem.

Its not the fault of any plugin installed on your website. You can call it bad SEO. Sometimes people do this or sometimes they use scripts to accomplish this thing. I try to explain quickly.

I am a competitor of you and i want to misguide Google and other search engines about your website pages so i will p/ay for BAD SEO of your website. What SEO guy will do, he will simply populate a number of entries on different websites which are regularly being visited. When those links will be crawled and not found on your website so you will notice these spikes.

On other hand, it could be the result of some script but still its OFF page SEO. Nothing to do with your website plugins.

Contact with a SEO expert, i would suggest you YOAST (https://yoast.com/) and ask them about this issue. They will guide you better.


Hire some guy on regular basis like weekly or monthly for a couple of hours, who will review these links and either will create these for you if any URL is looking good or let Google know on regular basis that these links are just deleted and permanently moved. Finally Google will stop crawling about it.